Motorola claims Samsung stole glance screen from them, forgets about Nokia


19, 2016

Author Surur // in News, Nokia


There are some that believe Apple invented the smartphone or even the touch screen, but we expect a veteran phone company like Motorola to have somewhat longer memories.

Today’s tweet from the company where they complain about Samsung copying their Always On screen has caused quite a hubbub on twitter, with many rightly complaining that Nokia did it first.

Nokia of course first released their Glance screen in 2009 on their Symbian and Meego handsets, before re-introducing it to Windows Phones in 2013.

Unfortunately history is written by the victors (which would NOT be Motorola of course, now owned by Lenovo) but I am sure our readers will know who has been the source of much of the smartphone innovation of the early noughties and who really drove the early success of Windows Phone before things went south.

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