Mixer Go for Windows 10 revamped as Mixplay


11, 2019

Mixer has come leaps and bounds since its initial 2014 launch as Beam, but it still doesn’t have an official Windows 10 app. Thankfully, Mixer Go has been here for those who need it and its newest update has completely overhauled what came before.

Now titled Mixplay for Mixer, the apps release has seen a complete redesign, support for the service’s Fast Than Light low-latency streaming protocol, HypeZone Channels, Clips and Season 2 support.

With Mixplay for Mixer you can interact with your favorite channels and users, watch streams, manage your account, edit own channel and many more. Mixplay is the only true client for Windows 10 that enables you to enjoy all great features provided by this interactive streaming platform.

Mixplay for Mixer is a free application for Windows 10 users. It’s available here.

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