Mid-range Windows 10 phone may be in testing in India


Its not clear yet how many Windows 10 Mobile handsets Microsoft plans to release over the next 12 months, but there have been a number of clues suggesting it may be more than the 3-4 Microsoft has confirmed.

The latest indication of this is (via Zauba) Microsoft importing two mid-priced handsets into India for testing with the cost price of $150 before retail mark up, which suggests the final price of the handset would be closer to $300. At that price it is certainly not the Lumia 550 or 650, and NokiaPowerUser suggests the handset could be the Lumia 750, a much rumoured handset for which we have not seen any solid specs of yet. NPU notes that this may be one of the devices with Iris scanners Microsoft has promised recently.

While Microsoft has made it clear we will not see their profusion of handsets with minor variations again, it is good to see a full range at various price points are indeed on the way.