Microsoft is said to be working on a new dual-screen device, which, according to rumors, can flip 180-degree like a convertible laptop. Codenamed Centaurus, the foldable PC is going to be first Microsoft-made Windows 10 device with such form factor — of course, I’m assuming that Microsoft won’t cancel the project.

Needless to say, Centaurus is going to be a very important device for Microsoft and hence the maker will try to make it unique. While we don’t have much information on how the device is going to be unique, Microsoft’s recent patent gives us a little insight into what the maker is trying to achieve.

In the patent, Microsoft showcased a foldable device with no physical volume rockers. Instead, the device will rely on virtual on-screen slider controls, giving a device clean look to exterior finish fo the foldable device.

Beyond that, as you can see in the image above, the foldable device will let you interact with two different applications. Add to that, the device has inertial sensors, which will turn the GUI on as you unfold the device. Microsoft could also introduce dual speakers.

It is worth noting that patents do not always translate to a product. It could be true in this case too.

via: Patentlymobile