Microsoft released Windows 10 Insider Build 21364 yesterday, and with so many exciting changes to Task Manager Microsoft forgot to inform us of the sad passing of Aero Shake when Windows 10 21H2 goes live.

Aero Shake is a feature introduced in Windows 7  where shaking (quickly dragging back and forth) a window minimizes all other windows. Shaking it again brings them back.

The feature is most often used in error and is therefore mainly a source of frustration when your windows suddenly disappear.

With Windows 10 Insider Build 21364 Microsoft is disabling Aero Shake by default, and introducing a toggle which allows the rare user to re-enable it.

aero shake

Microsoft notes:

You can now turn off Aero Shake via Settings > System > Multitasking and choosing the “off” toggle under “Title bar window shake”. This setting is now off by default so for those who want it back will need to turn this setting on.

What do our readers think of the passing of this classic feature? Let us know below.