Microsoft To-Do takes up residence in Android’s notification centre with latest update


5, 2017

Microsoft today updated its To-Do app on Android with a really neat feature: Quick Add. The new Quick Add feature integrates right into the notification center on your Android smartphone, which will let you add a to-do right from the notification center. The notification will show up all the time on your action center so that it’s available whenever you need it — however, it’s disabled by default which means you won’t get annoyed if you aren’t a fan of persistent notifications in your notification center.

Once enabled, clicking on the notification will simply open up a mini input section at the bottom of your screen as an overlay over any app you are running where you can title your to-do and choose the list you want to add it to:

In addition to Quick Add, the new update for Microsoft To-Do on Android brings a couple of other much-needed fixes. For instance, the app was getting confused between the due dates from Outlook Tasks and Microsoft To-Do for users using both of the services — but the latest update fixes it so you longer have to worry about it anymore.

Here’s the changelog:

  • Add a to-do straight from your notification bar! Enable Quick add notification in your Microsoft To-Do settings & you’ll be ready to go.
  • Sometimes the link was missing in the note when you created a to-do via native sharing. We’ve fixed that.
  • The default time was being set for the exact time that you created the to-do. Which didn’t make sense, so we changed it.
  • Using Outlook Tasks & Microsoft To-Do? Due dates were getting confused between the 2. They should now look exactly as you want them.

If you use Microsoft To-Do, you can get the Android app here.

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