Microsoft Teams to soon drop support for iOS 13



Microsoft has announced that they will be retiring the Teams mobile support on iOS version 13 and below.

The existing Teams build 3.17.0 will continue to work on iOS 13 devices but there won’t be any app updates going forward. In addition to this, you will not be able to reinstall the build from the app store if you uninstall Teams or reset your device.

The move appears to be similar to Microsoft Outlook recently dropping support for iOS 13, and on that occasion, it was because Microsoft said will only support 2 versions of iOS under their new policy, the current one and the previous one.

With iOS 15 currently in beta, Microsoft is therefore looking to remove support for iOS 13.

The retirement will begin in early October and is expected to complete by mid-October.

Microsoft recommends that users upgrade to newer iOS builds, which is where they will continue to invest their development resources. Microsoft will also begin encouraging users to update to the newest version of Teams if they’re running builds older than 1 year.

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