Microsoft releases Windows 10 Build 14393.447

windows 10

A new update for Windows 10 is rolling out to users running the Anniversary Update. The update, KB3200970, bumps the OS version number up to 14393.447. As per usual, the update does not bring any new features and it only includes some bug fixes and security improvements as it’s just a cumulative update. According to Microsoft, the latest update for Windows 10 fixed the bug which prevented users from connecting to VPNs, and it also fixes an issue which caused the system tray to show no Wi-Fi connection even when devices were connected to a Wi-Fi network.

The update includes some security fixes for Microsoft Edge, Windows File Manager, Boot Manager, and more as well. Here’s the full changelog:

  • Improved the reliability of multimedia audio, Remote Desktop, and Internet Explorer 11.
  • Addressed issue that prevents users from connecting to a virtual private network (VPN).
  • Addressed issue with a scheduled task that doesn’t run in Task Scheduler after reenabling.
  • Addressed issue to update the Access Point Name (APN) database.
  • Addressed issue with Japanese characters that are missing when converted by the Input Method Editor.
  • Addressed issue with the system tray showing no Wi-Fi connection even when Wi-Fi is present.
  • Addressed issue with Windows devices that disconnect from the Internet prematurely before users can complete their paid Wi-Fi purchase.
  • Addressed issue to update the new Belarusian ruble symbol to Br and the new ISO 4217 code to BYN.
  • Addressed additional issues with multimedia, Windows kernel, packaging release management, authentication, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Remote Desktop, Active Directory, wireless networking, Windows shell, graphics, enterprise security, and Microsoft HoloLens.
  • Security updates to Boot Manager, Windows operating system, kernel-mode drivers, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Virtual Hard Drive, Common Log File System driver, Microsoft Video Control, Common Log File System driver, Windows authentication methods, Windows File Manager, and the Microsoft Graphics Component.

If you are a Windows 10 user running the Anniversary Update (version 1607), you should be able to grab the latest update by heading over to Windows Update in the Settings app on your Windows 10 PC.