Microsoft releases Facebook SDK for Windows app development


Microsoft has released the Windows SDK for Facebook. The software development kit will allow Windows developers to integrate Facebook features such as Facebook Login, Graph, etc. right into their apps. Windows developers will be able to create apps for Windows 8.1, Windows 10, as well as Windows Phone 8.1 with the Facebook SDK. Here are some of the features of the SDK:

  • Authorization
    • Login
    • Logout
    • Login Button
    • Profile Picture control
  • Dialogs
    • Feed dialog
    • Request dialog
  • Graph
    • Custom Stories
    • Post to user’s feed
    • Upload Photo
    • Like a Page/Object

The Facebook SDK is already available for developers to download. You can download the Windows SDK for Facebook from Github here. If you are a developer and to know more about how to integrate the features into your app, head over to this blog post.

Will you be using the Facebook SDK on your apps?

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