Microsoft officially shows off Windows 10’s Project NEON for the first time

Last month, we exclusively revealed Project NEON, which is expected to be an incremental upgrade for the Windows 10 design language. Today, Microsoft has just shown off Windows 10’s upcoming Project NEON officially for the first time at the Windows Developer Day event. As you can see in the image above, Microsoft has a screenshot of Groove Music in Project NEON. The screenshot was shown off with a slide which is meant to show off Microsoft’s vision for Windows “Redstone”.

As we reported last month, Project NEON heavily relies on animations, blur, and consistency. With NEON, Microsoft is introducing a new component called “Acrylic” to the Windows 10 design, which is essentially some blur in the background, sidebar or the navigation of the app:

This is the first time Microsoft is showing off and talking about Project NEON, so it’s quite a big deal. The software giant will likely reveal more about Project NEON at Build 2017, and it should arrive in Windows 10 with the Redstone 3 release later this year.

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