Microsoft is adding several new security features in the latest Windows 11 update

September 26, 2023

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Microsoft is rolling out security updates for Windows 11 today, and apparently, we’ll be getting some new security features here and there.

The announcement came just as the promised massive Windows 11, which Microsoft boasted during the Surface event last week that it contains over 150 updates and will roll out in the next months.

As announced during the event, Microsoft is introducing unique the password-less technology called Passkeys, a new, more secure way to sign in to supported websites and applications using Windows Hello or Windows Hello for Business.

Speaking of Windows Hello for Business, the MFA solution also now uses strong, “phish-resistant credentials” like facial recognition, fingerprint, and PIN to protect your identities.

Another new feature being rolled out is Config Refresh, which can be a game-changer for IT security. This new feature helps to protect IT policies from being tampered with by periodically reverting the policies to a known good state.

Besides, the Windows Firewall app is also getting new configuration options – like Application Control for Business, configuring network list manager settings to determine when an Entra ID device is on their on-premises domain subnets, and configuring more granular Firewall logging.

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