Microsoft is limiting the number of people you can invite to a Teams meeting from Outlook

by Surur
June 4, 2021
Microsoft Message Extensions Outlook

Behind every rule there is a story, and we would love to know what caused Microsoft to introduce a new rule which says you can’t invite more than 750 people at one time to a Teams meeting using Outlook.

Microsoft announced the change today, saying:

We’re making some changes to limit the number of individual recipients allowed for scheduling a Teams meeting from Outlook (WIn32 client only at this time). We will apply this limit for meetings created with more than 750 recipients in the invite.

Users who try and include more than 750 people in the meeting invite will see the following error:

Unfortunately, Microsoft is not banning meetings larger than 750 peopleĀ  – if you need this you can still use a use Distribution Lists when inviting a large number of attendees to a Teams meeting.

The change will roll-out beginning in late June and expect to complete by late August.

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