Microsoft considering a new program to help fix the Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft is making a valiant effort to improve the Edge, but the inability to ship browser updates separately from semi-annual OS updates limits how quickly improvements can filter out.

It is therefore good news to hear that Microsoft is looking at ways to accelerate development and is considering an Edge Insider Program, which will presumably push out more frequent updates to Insiders separate from OS updates. This would allow Windows users who prefer to stay on a stable version of the OS to still take part in the development of the browser.

The news came as part of a survey of Bing Insiders, as can be seen below as tweeted by Brad Sams:

At this stage, we do not know whether the program will become real or not, but there are rumours of a mid-October arrival date.

Would our readers join the program and help fix Edge? Let us know below.

Source: MSLeaks