Microsoft brings GPT-4 to LinkedIn

March 16, 2023

LinkedIn is getting some generative AI features today as Microsoft continues to inject its AI investments into its different products and businesses. Even more, LinkedIn won’t just be employing GPT-3.5: it will also use OpenAI’s latest model, GPT-4.

Starting today, LinkedIn will offer new tools allowing users to prompt AI models to generate personalized profiles and job descriptions. According to LinkedIn, the latter will be produced using OpenAI” s GPT-3.5 model, while the new GPT-4 will be employed for the profile writing. Using the models, the burden of writing such compositions would be removed from the shoulders of users with just simple prompts and little information they have to provide. LinkedIn said the tools would be tested on LinkedIn’s Premium subscribers first before rolling out to everyone in the subscription.

GPT-4 generating profile About section
GPT-4 generating user’s About section using the new “Enhance” button
LinkedIn's new job description generator powered by GPT-3.5
LinkedIn’s new job description generator powered by GPT-3.5

As LinkedIn noted, the AI will use the content already present in the profiles of the users to produce personalized writing suggestions for the profiles. 

“Our tool identifies the most important skills and experiences to highlight in your About and Headline sections, and crafts suggestions to make your profile stand out,” explained Tomer Cohen, LinkedIn’s Chief Product Officer. “By doing the heavy lifting for you, the tool saves you time and energy while still maintaining your unique voice and style.”

Meanwhile, the AI-powered job description tool would only require users to provide a few details, including job titles and company names. The company said that after providing such information, the job descriptions would be generated “for you to review and edit,” something reasonable given AI models are still prone to errors.

On the other hand, in hopes of encouraging more professionals to embrace AI that continuously makes changes to different industries, LinkedIn said it launched over 100 AI courses, which all LinkedIn users can access for free until June 15. In addition to those, Cohen said several generative AI courses are also now being offered at LinkedIn and promised that more courses in that subject would arrive over the next few months.

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