Microsoft now killing off

Windows Phone dot com

About 10 days ago we wrote about Microsoft moving towards killing off the original Windows Phone website and replacing it with other hubs on Microsoft’s own site. It seems that article was prescient as the process of killing off Windows has finally begun.

Windows Phone users in the US and UK will notice that they can no longer access the main site directly but are instead redirected to (or the local equivalent). Similarly, you can no longer view the Windows Phone 8 features or user guides as Microsoft now redirects you to the main Windows feature pages – al though if you want Windows Phone 8 features specifically, Microsoft will still push you to those pages including one called “How can I get Windows 10 Mobile”. This isn’t a bad change, there is no, nor is there a, it makes perfect sense that there should be no

As Microsoft is moving forward, the idea of “Windows Phone” is dying, now replaced by that of “Windows on a Phone”. Windows Mobile is just another expression of Windows, and I’m sure that Windows Insiders currently testing Windows Mobile will agree that it is a pretty good one will agree that it is a pretty good one.

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