Microsoft announces Bookings, a new Office 365 service that makes appointment management easier


Microsoft is today launching Bookings, a new Office 365 service that will make managing appointments a lot easier. With Bookings, Office 365 users can allow customers schedule appointments very easily from their businesses’ website. This means you will be able to manage all of your appointments for your business right from all of your devices, including the Web. The user interface for Bookings is very similar to Outlook, and it should be pretty easy to use for existing Office 365 users. Currently, Bookings isn’t available to all Office 365 customers and Microsoft has started rolling it out to customers in First Release. However, you will need to be subscribed to the Office 365 Business Premium Plan to be able to use Bookings at the moment.

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At the moment, Bookings is only available on the Web, but Microsoft hopes to release a companion app for your mobile device in the next few weeks. It isn’t clear if the app will be available for Windows 10 devices, but it should be coming to iOS and Android.

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