Logitech acquires headset maker Astro for $85 million

Here’s one for the history books: Logitech G is buying Astro. The Logitech G team loves the sport of gaming. They’ve worked tirelessly to provide gaming gear that makes gaming more fun and gives you the tools you need to compete to win. Today, they’re happy to share that they’ve found this same love for design and the sport of gaming in their newest team members: joining the Logitech G gaming team is Astro Gaming. Astro’s history of producing award-winning headsets for professional eSports and console gamers perfectly complements the gaming expertise Logitech G is best known for.

How much did the Astro acquisition cost? Just $85 million. Astro produces great headsets but manufacturers like HyperX, LucidSound and Turtle Beach seem to be the companies gaining prominence recently. Hopefully Logitech G will help Astro produce amazing results again. One can hope. It’s definitely an interesting acquisition from a business standpoint.

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