Lenovo shows off their long-awaited folding Windows 10 PC


13, 2019

After much teasing Lenovo finally showed off their folding Windows 10 PC at their New York briefing.

The as yet unnamed  13.3-inch device is targetted for 2020 and features a 4:3 2K OLED folding screen, is an Intel-powered always connected PC and offers all-day battery life.

According to Lenovo the device will be sold under the Thinkpad brand and will, therefore, be more durable than a simple consumer laptop. It will be shipped with a Wacom stylus and Bluetooth keyboard for actual productivity.

Besides completing the final design Lenovo is still waiting for software support from Microsoft for the folding screen – it is notable that the soft keyboard does not cover the full bottom half of the screen for example.

See the Verge’s hands-on video below:

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Screenshots via Engadget.com

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