Asus has been wowing us for a few years now with its Zenbook series with secondary screens, and it seems Lenovo is looking to join the party with its own version, a new generation of ThinkBook Plus for 2021.

The device was leaked by Evan Blass and shows a 17-inch laptop with a secondary screen where the number pad would normally be.

The secondary screen appears to be around 8 inches and appears to work with a stylus, allowing creators to use it to sketch in Photoshop and other graphics apps.

Lenovo released a ThinkBook in 2020 which had a secondary external e-Ink screen on the lid of the device, so the company is clearly no stranger to very experimental designs.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 2 i

Given the leak, we assume the company is getting ready to announce the device, though of course no specific details have leaked regarding this so far.

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