Kingdom Hearts 3 arrives on PC today



Kingdom Hearts 3 arrives on PC today! Albeit only via the Epic Games Store.

Until April 6th, you can even nab Kingdom Hearts 3 and its included Re Mind DLC with a nifty 20% off pre-purchase discount, despite the game releasing today. 

As a discount on top of a discount, you can also get three months of Disney+ with a purchase of Kingdom Hearts 3 + Re Mind DLC, though only for new subscribers for are 18+.

We thought Kingdom Hearts 3 was pretty alright, as you can read in our review by our dearly departed former editor Lewis. 

If you’re not limited by PC however, it’s also available on Xbox Game Pass for the low low price of one pound for your first month. 

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I can only hope that this PC release will be absolutely torn to shreds by modders so it can finally include everyone’s favourite Disney princess, Emperor Palpatine.

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