HTC giving out 1,000 Vive trackers to developers and creator studios

HTC has launched a new seed program, where the manufacturer is handing out 1,000 Vive Tracker units to developers and accessory manufacturers to bring, “New form factors to VR with full motion tracking.” The company is now accepting applications for the individuals interested in trying out the new accessory at no cost.

The application is open now until February 7 2017, and consists of several basic questions, like company name, experience, location, and contact information. You must also inform HTC of why your project will help the world rethink VR.

“Ready to debut a new product in VR? Want to create an API to track a pet (or your coffee table) within the VR world? Want to track a keyboard in VR? Tell us how and why,” the company states. “Remember, the Vive Tracker will integrate with any number of future VR accessories and tools, so we’re looking for new thinking that keeps VR open, fun, functional, future-looking, and maybe even a little weird.”

The Vive Tracker is an accessory for virtual reality content creation. It connects wirelessly to the HTC Vive headset and weighs less than three ounces, enabling the device to easily attach to existing physical objects or interesting new form factors. The Vive Tracker seemingly eliminates the need to spend loads of time and money integrating tracking sensors into VR-focused peripherals.

You can apply for the HTC Vive Tracker seed program on the company’s website here.

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