HoloLens shows up in cool Honda NSX promo video




HoloLens is a pretty cool bit of tech, so it’s no wonder Honda chose to include it in a promo of their own tech, the Honda NSX Sports Hybrid SH-AWD.

In the video, shot in El Mirage Dry Lake in California, Honda shows of the prowess of their accurate and responsive 4 wheel drive hybrid by re-tracing a Nazca desert design, and to help the vehicle stick to the lines accurately the team used a HoloLens to project a heads-up display in front of the driver (below).


The HoloLens of course offers the advantage of being self-contained and easy to develop for, and is not otherwise mentioned in the ad, suggesting it was used more for its utility and cool factor than as product placement.

See the video below:

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Microsoft has today said the HoloLens has seen “tremendous excitement and interest from developers and commercial customers and partners around the globe” and has now made the $3000 device available in 6 new countries around the world. Pick up your own at Microsoft here.

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