Groove Music app updated for Windows Insiders with bug fixes

Groove Music Update

Last week, Microsoft released an update to Groove app for Windows Insiders on PC, Phone, and HoloLens in Windows Store which included visual changes for Your Groove. Today, they released another follow up update version 3.6.2301.0 which fixes few more bugs.

v3.6.2298.0 change log:

– Design improvements to make Your Groove and Explore more colorful and vibrant.

– Unplayable tracks won’t be added to Now Playing to give you a better playback experience.

– The app retries loading streaming songs a few times when it used to try only once.

– 23 UX tweaks including messaging improvements, updates for Narrator, and updates to the accuracy of playlists lengths.

– Fixes for crashes when using scroll wheel while viewing an artist detail page and when clicking on “more” in artist details.

Download Groove app for Windows 10 PCs, phones and Hololens using the below link.