Google has been working on Chrome’s Tab Groups feature, one that allows users to group different tabs for different purposes. It’s available in current, builds of Chrome (v77), but it is more than a little rough. Users have no way of customising their colours or naming tabs beyond group 1 and 2, and it’s not very pleasant to use. Personally, I could only stand it for about half an hour.

Google’s fixing all of that in beta builds of Chrome and has made the UI a bit nicer. Users can now name tab groups for quick reference, and there’s a bit of colour customisation (limited to just 8 for now.) It also looks a little more based on Google’s Material Theme rather than a bolted-on interface like before.

Image courtesy of Chrome Unboxed

Google’s Chrome tab groups seems to be growing into a genuinely useful feature, and will probably roll out after a few more weeks in testing at this rate.

That said, you can get in Chrome by toggling on the chrome://flags/#tab-groups feature flag.

Via: Chrome Unboxed