Google Pixel Fold may have been cancelled


15, 2021

Despite earlier reports that Google was still set to release a foldable Pixel smartphone. Today’s report from analysts DisplaySearch suggests the device may never see the light of day.

According to their report, Google has cancelled component orders for the handset, suggesting the device will definitely not hit the market in the next few months, and at the earliest in H1 2022.

Google has reportedly realised the device is not competitive with Samsung’s best, offering neither pen nor under-screen camera support, and that it would likely not be profitable, given Samsung’s vertical integration advantages and economies of scale, neither of which the Pixel Fold will possess.

The Pixel Fold, code-named Passport, was expected to have a 7.6 inch folding screen similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and like that device will also be coated with Ultra-Thin Glass.

Google’s entrance to the foldable market would have been been a game-changer, with many of the improvements needed to support the new form factor expected to have trickled down to base Android.

via PhoneArena

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