Google Pay adds biometric authentication for sending money


28, 2019

Google has finally added the biometric authentication system to the Google Pay app. Biometric authentication is a technology that will help you send money without going through the pain of typing PIN — now you’ll be able to send money just by using your fingerprint or face.

Users will need to update to the latest version, which is version 2.100, of the Google Pay app in order to be able to use the biometric authentication system as a means for sending money. However, only Android 10 users will be able to use fingerprint or face to authenticate transactions, but Google has plans to bring the feature to Google Pay running on older versions of Android such as Android 9.

Once you update to the latest version, you’ll find the option to use biometrics under the Sending money settings. Enabling the feature will tell you to add either your fingerprint or it will scan your face if you choose to authenticate transactions with your face.

It’s also worth noting that biometric authentication does not work for NFC payments in stores, for that you’ll need to follow the old steps.

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