Google Meet – Gmail integration now rolling out

by Surur
May 5, 2020
google meet

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Google is desperately trying to catch up with Zoom and Microsoft Teams by pushing Google Meet (previously Google Hangouts) and three weeks ago the company announced they would add Gmail integration to the video conferencing service.

The shortcut should allow users to start or join a Meet call directly from the Gmail interface or G Suite customers.

Now the Verge reports that the feature is now rolling out to Gmail users, allowing them to easily convert an email into a video call.

Besides Gmail integration, Google is working hard to be competitive in other areas. It upgraded its gallery view o 16 members, which unfortunately still pales in comparison to the 49 person view Zoom supports.

It is now also free for unlimited use for up to 100 participants. Google is also bringing its low light camera technology to Meet and will bring an audio tool which suppresses background noise during calls.

It remains to be seen if all this work will help Google catch up with the likes of Zoom, Slack and Teams, but they will never have a better opportunity than now.

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