Google drops the Pixel Slate’s price by $200 so it can actually sell now

May 26, 2019

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Google has lowered the price of the Pixel Slate by $200 on its store (spotted by Android Police), making the device more enticing to buyers who were turned off by its high price.

From now, the Slate starts from $599 as opposed to $799 for the base model (core M3), and you can snag i5 version for $799. Thankfully, Google seems to have realised the foolishness of equipping a flagship tablet with an Intel Celeron chip and has consigned that to the bin.

The Google Pixel Slate was the firm’s flagship Chromebook launched last year, and while it was a beautiful albeit minimal piece of hardware, its software bugginess and other compromises led to it being panned at release. Google has released software updates to fix lag and Chrome OS has grown more powerful in the interim, so the calculus may have changed a little.
With its new lower price, it may actually stand a chance at selling this time.

Google’s Pixel Slate is available on their web store here.

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