Full Interop Unlock/Jailbreak achieved for the first time on a Lumia handset

by Surur
June 1, 2015

Until now the Samsung ATIV S was the only Windows Phone which has been fully Interop unlocked, due to a vulnerability in Samsung’s custom software. Interop unlock allows users to run arbitrary code on their phone which are not bound by any privilege restrictions by the operating system. This differs from developer unlocking handsets, which can run arbitrary unsigned code, but which still has to operate within the bounds of the permissions for user-level code.

Now WindowsMania.pl reports that for the first time full Interop Unlock has been achieved on a Lumia device, the Lumia 640.

WindowsMania has not revealed the process yet, saying they are testing the hack for stability, but given that it requires a device with a SD card slot, it is likely using the same program substitution hack as the earlier registry hacks.

The hack comes on the eve of Windows 10 Mobile, which will likely render the hack inoperable, but at this stage has the potential for widespread piracy on the windows phone operating system due to the ease with which apps can be easily recompiled and distributed.

Do our readers welcome this hack? Let us know below.

[source link=”http://www.windowsmania.pl/dyskusja-ogolna-515/%5Blumia-640%5D-prezentacja-mozliwosci-interopa-wideo-21991/”]WindowsMania.pl[/source]

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