Dark mode in Microsoft Edge is now more consistent


20, 2019

Microsoft is currently testing their Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser with Edge Insiders. Adding features and offering fixes is a part of the plan in order to make sure that it becomes a fully capable browser with all the important features before they release it to the public.

Of all the new features Microsoft added recently, the improvement of the dark mode is noteworthy. Dark mode in Microsoft Edge Canary is now more consistent, you’ll now find it in the Settings, History, Downloads, and Favourites page of the browser. Previously, the dark mode was available only on the flag page.

That said, you don’t need to put any extra effort into making the dark mode appear on the Settings, Downloads, History, and Favourites page. If you have dark mode enabled in the browser, it’ll likely to appear on those pages too.

However, the job is not done, not yet. The inconsistency still exists as the Interstitial warning page of the Microsoft Edge browser is yet to receive the dark mode treatment. It’s likely that the maker will introduce it to the interstitial warning page in the coming days.

For those not willing to wait, there is a Chrome extension called Dark Reader, which is potent to make the Interstitial page appear dark. You can download it here.

Source: u/Leopeva64-2

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