Character creation is finally set to come to Minecraft, allowing players to tweak and customise their block-shaped protagonist to their liking.

Character creation is first coming to the Minecraft beta on Xbox One, Windows 10, and Android, but will roll out on all other Bedrock platforms once the beta is over. Character creation will also be available in Minecraft Earth.

The patch notes for the version of the beta describe character creation as the following:

  • Personalise your avatar in a number of ways, including body size and shape, limb replacement and tweaking of eyes, mouth, hairstyles and colours, facial hair and skin tones
  • More than 100 items will be available for free. There will also be a range of custom accessories, created by the Minecraft team, available for purchase

You can watch character creation in action in the stream below. It appears that items applied to your character, such as headgear and accessories, have actual 3D definition now and aren’t just 2D meshes applied to your avatar.

YouTube video

If you’re not into 3D accessories and prefer the 2D approach, you’ll still be able to upload custom skins straight into the game in the traditional way.

For more information and to read the beta patch notes in full, you can follow the link here. If you want to be a part of the beta, you can find instructions on how to here. Just be aware that you need to own the digital version of Minecraft to get into the Xbox One and Windows 10 beta.