Buzz Bee: a new fun game featuring the Honey Bee

Buzz Bee menu screen

Did you know? Without bees 100 000 varieties of plants would disappear! Game studio ‘Blugri’ wants to draw attention to the honey bee and puts the little black-and-yellow striped insect in the spotlights with its latest game ‘Buzz Bee’!

Buzz Bee is an original scrolling platform game featuring a scout bee, Buzz, in a beautiful world with flowers and honey, but full of danger! You guide Buzz and his friends through a great number of levels, all in different environments and with different dangers –predators and diseases that endanger him and his swarm. Use the collected honey to buy stronger power-ups to face these dangers more easily!

Buzz Bee features colorful high quality visuals, challenging and adventurous levels with a smooth and easy gameplay. Next to this, Buzz Bee contains different, challenging levels in different themes – additional levels will be submitted regularly.

Buzz Bee game screen (2)Buzz Bee game screen

Finally, while playing the game, you will learn some interesting facts about bees. For instance, did you know that Bees can see all colors except the color red? Or that their wings flap 11,000 times per minute, which is why it sounds like they are “buzzing”?

Buzz Bee from blugri features:QRCode
–       High-quality graphics & sounds
–       Smooth gameplay
–       Many challenging levels in different themes
–       Interesting facts about bees
–       Extra power-ups via ‘In App Purchases’
–       Available in 7 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch and Russian.
–       Exclusive for Windows Phone 8
–       The game is completely free!

Fun fact: blugri is still looking for bèta testers! Interested? Check the blugri Facebook page and click the beta-testers tab now!

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