Brand new Emojis on the way with Whatsapp Beta update


24, 2019

An update for Whatsapp Beta for Android 2.19.116 has just been released; and it’s added, as well as removed some new changes.

In the 2.19.101 beta update of Whatsapp, the Ignore Archived Chats feature -previously known as Vacation Mode- was officially in the works.  When completed, this will allow users to ignore impending notifications from archived chats, even once a new message arrives.

Improvements for their Doodle Picker were released in the 2.19.106 beta update.  Now, all beta users can search for Stickers and Emojis using the search button, and insert them onto images, videos and GIFs.

In the 2.19.110 update, their animated stickers feature was revealed, which allows you decorate your conversations with animated pictures.

In the 2.19.116 update, Whatsapp reverted the location of the Archived Chats option from the main side menu back to the bottom of the app.  It’s speculated that this has been done to make room for the aforementioned Ignore Archived Chats option, when it’s finalised.

Some other improvements are also still work in progress.  Emojis will be given a face-lift, with new, official emojis on their way soon.  The Emoji Category bar in the Doodle Picker is also in the works; soon hundreds of smileys will soon be organised into distinct categories, making them much easier to sort through.

If you’re excited to see what Whatsapp has to offer next in their Beta version of Messenger, you can download the app here:

WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger
Developer: WhatsApp LLC
Price: Free

Or if you prefer, here.

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