Analyst MIC predicts 80 million Windows Phones will be sold in 2012

While we have not given up hoping for significant growth in Windows Phone  market share, we have reconciled ourselves to the idea that it will be a slow slog over many years.  According to Taiwan’s Institute for Information Industry think tank Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC) however Windows Phone 7 will win 13% market share in 2012, grabbing 79.82 million handset sales from a total of 614 million.

The growth it appears is expected to come primarily from RIM and Symbian, with RIM dropping to 8.6% market share.  Android however is expected to increase from 46% to 50% market share, while iOS will grow to 19%.

The overall market is expected to grow 35.8% from 452 million smartphones in 2011 to 614 million in 2012. Much of the growth is expected to happen in the under $300 low-end segment of the market.

Read the full report at here.

Do our readers think a 1000% growth in Windows Phone sales in 2012 is realistic? Let is know below.