Achievements and widescreen support won’t be added to backward compatible original Xbox games

Update: Widescreen support also won’t be added to backward compatible original Xbox games.

When the original Xbox came out, there were no such social features like achievements. You didn’t earn any Gamerscore. All of these changes were introduced with the Xbox 360 a few years later. However, some gamers somehow believe that the games on the original Xbox contributed to your gamerscore. If the original games never contributed to your gamerscore, how will the backward compatible versions? Mike Ybarra and some users on Twitter clarified this today. While answering a fan’s question who asked if Microsoft would add achievements to backward compatible original Xbox games, Ybarra simply said “No.”

While everyone loves to increase their gamerscore, original Xbox backward compatibility is mostly there so that Microsoft can introduce younger games to some classics. The game library will be smaller than Xbox 360 due to the technical challenges but important titles like Crimson Skies and Fusion Frenzy will be part of it. Hopefully this clarifies this issue. Games like Crimson Skies are amazing and everyone should play certain titles at least once. It teaches us a lot about the history of video games and how experiences have evolved over the years. As gamers, we should know about this.