10 Best Things to do In Decentraland

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Facebook’s/Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, got everyone talking about his company’s VR medium (Horizon Worlds) in October of 2021 when he announced that it would soon be open to the public. That occurred despite hundreds of thousands of internet users enjoying a similar VR shared space called Decentraland since early 2020.

Decentraland is a diverse 3D virtual world browser-based platform that lives on the Ethereum blockchain, utilizing its ERC-20 token standard for its cryptocurrency MANA.

All anyone needs to become a part of this simulated reality is an internet browser and a crypto wallet. A VR headset is optional for those who crave a more immersive experience. Currently, the possibilities in this world are varied and will eventually wind up becoming almost endless. Until that happens, here are ten cool things you can do inside it right now.

Explore the Vast Map

The Decentraland map consists of 90,601 individual plots of virtual land. Each one is a 16×16 meter square. There are currently thirty-nine approved districts in this virtual world, with Aetheria, better known as the Cyberpunk district being the most massive, boasting 8,008 pieces of LAND. Vegas City, and Dragon City, are in second and third place, size-wise, featuring 6,776 and 6,485 LAND parcels, respectively. Each district in this metaverse has its theme and offers a unique vibe. There is one for yoga enthusiasts and another for fashion fans. There’s something for everyone here.


Think of Decentraland as a more advanced version of Second Life. It is an open-world game, with no set gameplay goal, much like life. Interaction possibilities are an aspect of this metaverse that many find super appealing. The Decentraland map has hundreds of entertainment and hospitality venues, ranging from nightclubs to taverns. Even a museum district where users can take in NFT art pieces and converse with like-minded individuals on any subject their heart desires.

Attend Concerts

Yes, metaverse concerts are a thing. Not only that, but these events are becoming increasingly more popular as artists like Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, Marshmello, and Justin Bieber have all held virtual jam sessions. Some companies have even hired renowned DJs to perform at the opening of their Decentraland establishments. So, expect this trend to expand in the years to come.

Become a Virtual Real Estate Investor

As discussed, there is a lot of LAND in this metaverse. We capitalize the word LAND because it is a unique digital asset, an NFT traded on Decentraland’s primary and secondary marketplaces. Identical to physical plots of land, users can buy ones in underdeveloped areas, and then when their surrounding districts start to thrive, they can increase the price of their parcels and turn a profit. According to Brandessence market research, the metaverse real estate market should continue growing at a rate of 31.2% per year until 2028.

Gamble at a Casino

Since pretty much every business possible can get run in Decentraland, it should come as no surprise that there are several casinos in this virtual shared space that provide token-based gambling on classic casino products and unique ones. An example of such a venue is the Tominoy casino.

Enjoy a Hand of Poker

On the topic of gambling, ICE Poker is a spot that lets you play a game of poker just like you can play it on other sites but in a VR environment. Per a statement by Decentral Games founder Miles Anthony, ICE Poker has more than six thousand unique visitors. Moreover, it generated $7.5 million in revenues from December 2021 to February 2022.

Play Mini-Golf

Who does not love mini-golf? Probably only evil people of despicable character. Everyone else can head over to GolfCraft Island, where they can partake in some mini-golf fun. They can start with a free-training mini-game to gain experience and then compete for various prizes. These rewards can include fashion shows and concert tickets.

Mine Meteors

You can’t have a platform operating with the help of a digital ledger without someone throwing in a mining game in it. WonderMine Crafting Game is a fun one where you can mine meteors in exchange for rare gems and other loot. You can choose to spend some MANA to upgrade your pickaxe to mine more efficiently.

Construct Architectural Structures

Multiple impressive buildings exist in Decentraland. For sure, ones worth checking out are the MetaZone Tower, the Boba Building, and Chateau Satoshi. To build your own, you will first have to acquire some LAND, then get proficient in the platform’s native builder or software like Blender.

Participate in Metaverse Politics

Decentraland gets run as a decentralized autonomous organization. So, you cannot become its president or a district’s mayor. Nevertheless, nothing stops you from suggesting policies that may improve this metaverse and campaigning them.