Yandex Translate App Now Available For Windows Phone Devices

Yandex Translate Windows Phone

Yandex has released their Translate app for Windows Phone 8 devices. It allows you to translate texts to and from more than 30 different languages, offers voices pronunciations and more. Find the full list of supported languages after the break.

App Description:

Translate phrases and whole texts to and from more than 30 different languages. As you enter text, a translation appears in sync – even before the phrase is typed out in full. In settings you can turn on suggestions, which means the app will suggest the next word based on the first few letters and context. You’ll be able to not only see the translations, but also hear them.
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Translate features the following:
– synchronous translation of words and phrases as you type;
– dictionary entries with examples of their use;
– voiced pronunciation of words and phrases;
– automatic language detection; and
– saved translation history.

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.


Language Support:

Voiced pronunciation is available for Russian, English, Turkish, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Czech, Swedish, Portuguese, Finnish, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Greek and Norwegian.
The full list of languages available in Yandex.Translate is Russian, English, Ukrainian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Czech, Swedish, Danish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian, Polish, Belarusian, Portuguese, Croatian, Turkish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Greek, Slovak, Slovenian, Albanian, Catalan, Macedonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, and Georgian.
An internet connection is required for the app to work in full, but your previous translation history is stored on your phone and is available to view in offline mode.