Back in 2016, Vivaldi Technologies first launched the Vivaldi browser, which is based on Chromium. The browser was made available on all major desktop operating system — Windows, Mac, and Linux at launch. And now, after three years, the company has decided to go mobile by launching Vivaldi app on Android.

The browser looks incredibly familiar — once you launch Vivaldi on Android, the incredibly familiar Speed Dials interface that contains your favorite sites will appear. You’ll also be able to create multiple Speed Dials for different scenarios or categories. There are plenty of other features that will make for a productive web browsing experience.

Vivaldi browser is available in the Google Play store as a Beta app, which also means that the app will gain a lot of features in the coming days. But, at present, the app has the following features.

• Encrypted Sync
• Screen Capture
• Speed Dial shortcuts for favorites
• Notes with rich text support
• Private tabs
• Bookmarks manager
• Recently closed tabs
• Search Engine nicknames
• Reader Mode
• Clone tab
• Downloads manager

You can download the Vivaldi Beta app from the below link, or you can hit the Google Play store.

Vivaldi Browser
Vivaldi Browser
Price: Free