Microsoft’s SwiftKey for Android now supports keypress sounds


13, 2017

Microsoft SwiftKey team today announced the support for keypress sounds in SwiftKey for Android. SwiftKey already allows its users to customize their keyboard in various ways and keypress sounds are the new addition. Users can now customize their SwiftKey keyboard with four new keyboard sound profiles.

How to change keypress sounds in SwiftKey for Android?

  • Simply tap or slide the hamburger icon on the left of the prediction bar to enter the SwiftKey Hub.
  • From there, open the ‘Typing’ panel and select ‘Sound and Vibration’.
  • There are four new keypress sound profiles to choose from: Traditional, Android, Modern and Blip.

In the latest update, they have also fixed several bugs. Brackets on Right-to-Left languages are no longer incorrectly flipped. Download the updated app here from Play Store.

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