In an effort to improve the photography and videography in its smartphone, Samsung is currently developing a handful of new features and these include Director’s View Mode, Night Hyperlapse, Single Take Photo, Vertical Panoramas, and custom filters.

Director’s Mode

In simple words, the Director’s Mode in the camera app will allow you to record from multiple camera lenses at the same time, similar to what the Filmic Pro app does on iPhone 11.

Director’s view will let you lock onto a subject in view and also “select who’s in the close up.” Along with that, it lets you “Tap the thumbnails on the left to switch between camera lenses. Tap the ones on the right to jump o a close-up on a subject.”

Night Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse lets photographers create motion shots and while the we’re not sure what the Night Hyperlapse feature is all about, according to XDA, it will be the existing hyperlapse mode but with night mode and in order for this to work, it will require you to keep your phone still.

Single Take Photo

This mode will let you “capture a scene in a series of pictures and short videos.” All you need to do is keep your Samsung smartphone steady and pan slowly and the camera will capture a bunch of pictures and videos of the scene.

Vertical Panoramas

Vertical Panorama, or what the photographers like to call “vertorama,” does exactly what it sounds like — it captures panorama vertically. This will soon become a part of the main panorama mode in the camera app.

Custom Filters

Lastly, the Custom Filters lets you capture a photo and then turns it into a filter. According to XDA, it could be taking certain aspects of the photo like saturation, exposure, and brightness and turning it into a filter.

Samsung is not only working towards improving the camera software; the introduction of the 108MP ISOCELL CMOS technology also speaks volumes about their commitment to the camera hardware.