Microsoft Launcher Preview now lets you add up to 3 rows in Dock

by Rahul
June 18, 2020
Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher Preview has received an update today. Taking the app to Version 6.2.200602.79087, the update lets users add up to three rows in Dock. Apart from that, the update brings couple of other important new features including the ability to organize App Drawer with folders, the ability to double tap to lock the phone screen. Microsoft also claims to have improved the app search in the latest update. Further, the update comes with bug fixes and performance improvements.


  • Add up to 3 rows in Dock
  • Organize your App Drawer with folders
  • Double tap to lock screen
  • Improved app search
  • Fixed bugs and crashes

You can download and install Microsoft Launcher Preview for your Android smartphone from the below link, or you can head over to Google Play Store and download the app.

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