Microsoft is creating a new “Polls” app for Microsoft Teams

by Surur
September 12, 2021

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Microsoft has announced that they will soon be releasing a new Polls app for Microsoft Teams.

The app is however not new, but merely a resurfacing of the same functionality of the Polls feature of the Microsoft Teams Forms app.

Microsoft says according to customer feedback and telemetry, they have determined that many people did not know the “Forms” App provides polling capability in Teams.

To provide a better experience Microsoft is delivering a new Teams app specifically for polling capabilities.

Once retired from meetings/chat the “Forms” app will only be available in the Teams channel tab to provide Survey capabilities.

Users should not be concerned about losing their old data, however.  The new Microsoft Forms App “Polls” will have the same functionality, same service, and there will be no need for data migration.

For the previous polls that were created in the original App “Forms”, these polls will not be lost. Poll owners can still view them in the new App “Polls” portal in Teams OR view it in the Forms web portal page (

The original App “Forms” polling capability will be retired in Teams meeting and Teams chat. Original App “Forms” survey capability in Teams channel Tab is not impacted.

The “new” app will begin rolling this out starting in Teams meetings and then moving to Teams chat in mid-October and expect to be complete by the end of November.

The original “Forms” app will be retired from Teams meetings in mid-November, and then will be retired from Teams chat at the end of December.

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