Meet the new Money Manager Pro for WP8

Money Manager Pro new home screen
Revolution! The best way to define the great work done to exhibit you the latest version of our Money Manager Pro app… A lot of things hab been changed to dramatically improve our app on both design and features sides….so…let’s show you what we’ve done:

home NEW HOME PAGE The new home page has beed revisited in order to offer you all the old and new features together with a lot of ‘at-a-glance’ information, avoiding navigating among pages to recover the main info you’re looking for. You now have 4 sections:

Contains the tiles for adding flows & quick flows, summary of incomes and expenses and remaining BUDGET. It also shows the available cash money.
Contains the current month flows list. Menu items and buttons allow the user to select the other available reports.
This sections is one of the main enhancements. It gives an outlook of the current situation by showing the accounts with the current balance, the debit cards and credit cards with the current pending flows and the pre-paid cards with the available credit.
Contains the tiles to enter all the other functions.
budget BUDGET We’ve added the possibility of adding a monthly budget. At the app start-up, within the flows summary in the dashboard, the total amount of expenses is given by relating it to the defined budget. Also a visual indicator is present which shows the remaining available value.

Currencies conversion page
A new page has been added within the Other section which lets the user to find an exchange rate between 2 different currencies. It is also possible to save, among the favorites ones, different currencies couples.
Add flow page
When you add a flow by using a currencies which is not the default one, our virtual assistant warns you about the presence of an exchange rate between the selected currency and the default one. Also she offers her help in finding the exchange rate or gives you the possibility to manually insert it. This value is then used within the summary of incomes/expenses in the Dashboard
total TOTALS Each report page now can show you a panel containing the total amounts of the report flows. 3 different the total amounts are present, grouped by currencies: the one related to the charged flows, the one related to the pending flows (will be charged the next month) and the one related to the previous month that are charged during the current month.
filter FILTERS In each report we’ve improved the way of filtering flows by currency and by type (expenses/incomes/all).
charts NEW CHARTS We’ve improved the charts on both aesthetic side and given info side. They now show a pleasant animation when presented. The chart filters has also been improved, as already said for the reports.
PDF PDF REPORTS In order to give our users coherent information, we changed the first page of the PDF reports. They now contains the same info shown by the totals panel.
quick search QUICK SEARCH It is located in the Reports section. Search for all flows containing the user inserted text within the activity, category, item or note properties of each flow. During the text insertion the app suggests you words starting with entered text.
other Other improvements Minor bug fixes and a better management of the pre-paid card recharge as requested by some users. Now the user can select if charge the flow on the card related account or not.

We really hope those improvements will satisfy our current users and the ones who, in the future, would give a chance to our app… We would also thank all users who help us in making a better app by warning us about issues or by asking us for new features.

Money Manager Pro can be found in Windows Phone Store for $ 1.49 with a FREE TRIAL

Link to Money Manager Pro in Windows Phone Store Here the link to download the app from the Windows Phone Store web page
qrcode for Money Manager Pro Here the qrcode to jump to the app page with your phone