Cortana for Android gets improved feed design, and more

Microsoft is testing a new and improved UI for some parts of Cortana on Android devices. The company today rolled out a fairly major update for Cortana to users testing the beta version of the personal assistant on Android.

With the new update, Microsoft is introducing a new and improved design for the quick glance of your day which is essentially the main feed that you get to see when opening up the personal assistant. As you can see in the screenshots above, each of the different sections in the feed are now separated into cards and it simply looks a bit more modern. Additionally, when you go into the glance of your day tab on the homepage, you will now see a button to create a reminder and one to create a new event which is pretty neat.

Microsoft is also adding a couple of other new features to Cortana with the new update, which you can find below:

  • Improved positioning above the lock screen
  • New view for a quick glance of your day
  • Buttons to create Reminders and Lists from Cortana home
  • Improved reminder experience and location triggering

These new improvements are obviously part of the new Cortana design which Microsoft rolled out on Android and iOS a while ago. Microsoft still seems to be working on refining the new design, which is great to see as the new Cortana design already looks pretty beautiful. If you are part of Cortana’s beta testing program, you can get the latest improvements here — if not, you can sign-up for the beta testing program here. 

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