Big updates for Microsoft Launcher waiting for Surface Duo 2

by Surur
August 23, 2021

Surface Duo owners have been complaining that Microsoft Launcher, which is a big part of the shell of the dual-screen device, has not been seeing significant updates in recent weeks.

It appears this may be because Microsoft is looking to release new features as part of the release of the Surface Duo 2.

On Twitter Vishnu Nath, Partner Director of Mobile at Microsoft, confirmed that new features are on the way, but not set to be delivered right now.

Nath also appeared to tease that the release of the features was waiting for the release of Surface Duo 2.

The main improvement of the Surface Duo 2 is expected to be an improved camera cluster, and modernised specs such as 5G and the Snapdragon 888 processor. It seems we can also expect new software features also.

The updated device is expected in October this year. Check out leaked pictures of the device here.

via Windowslatest

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