Best Hockey Game: Air Hockey Supreme/Madness

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If you’re looking for the best free hockey game, then Air Hockey Supreme is what you want! If you want some extra gameplay modes, you can buy Air Hockey Madness for $1.99.

Overall Score: 4/5AirHockeyMadness

Air Hockey Supreme and Air Hockey Madness are essentially the same game, except the latter costs money. Air Hockey Madness also has some extra gameplay elements where there are multiple pucks on the field at once, but otherwise they are identical. Compared to all the other air hockey games currently in the Marketplace, these two games are the only options you can truly consider. Glow Air Hockey and Air Hockey Classic are decent, but have some more severe gameplay issues. Air Hockey Supreme/Madness is the best game we have right now.

Gameplay: 4/5

The physics of the puck and the game are spot-on. The puck slows down correctly according to friction (unlike some other air hockey games) and the impulse energy from hitting the puck with your mallet feels just right. The game basically feels like a real air hockey table, which is how it should be! The controls work perfectly except when you are trying to move your mallet along the side of the table. When you try sliding exactly against the wall, the mallet sticks to the wall and doesn’t slide with your finger. That’s the only true negative about the game though, and it’s a small one! The gameplay is tons of fun, and the computer AI feels just perfect. There’s four different difficulty settings for the computer, and you can also play with a friend. The free Air Hockey Supreme also includes a magnetic gameplay mode where the puck is magnetically attracted to your mallet, giving the gameplay a nice variation. If you get the paid Air Hockey Madness, there’s even more gameplay goodness, with multiple pucks and bonuses.

Presentation: 4/5

The game looks pretty good, sounds good, and loads FAST! You can choose from playing at an overhead view, or a 3D perspective, both of which look pretty good. The graphics may be a little fuzzy on the edges, but they are overall good. There’s also a neon theme you can use in both the free and paid game, which looks spectacular. The sound effects are also really great and sound exactly as air hockey really does. However, there’s no music, so start up your own tunes before you load the game.

Lasting Value: 4/5

Air hockey can last as long as you want it to, but thanks to all the additional things the developer added, it lasts longer. You can play against the four different computer AI difficulties, play against a friend locally, play with the different gameplay modes (especially if you have the paid version), and play with a different visual theme or perspective. With all of these added things, a normal game of air hockey is made more entertaining and lasts longer.


Title: Air Hockey Supreme or Air Hockey Madness
Price: FREE or $1.99
Publisher: Phenomatics

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