Zune Touch could give a sneak-peek of Windows Mobile 7

zonetouch Hexus has thrown two interesting Zune rumours together in a blender and produced something rather delicious.

The first is that a Touch version of the Zune player is coming this summer.  On the face of it this would seem to be a logical move if Microsoft intends to keep its product line in step with Apple’s.  The evidence for this however is rather tenuous, consisting at best of a series of twitter posts mentioning the word “touch” by LiveSide.net contributor Ryan.

The next one is not much better, and is again from Ryan.  It consists of a statement “Basically when the 3rd or 4th (depending on how you count generations)  generation launches this late summer or fall. You will be getting a sneak peak at some of Windows Mobile 7’s features a year early.”  Taken together however one can easily speculate that a new Zune Touch would contain many of the UI features one would expect in Windows Mobile, and would be a way for Microsoft to produce a flagship device with a great user experience without stepping on the toes of their phone OEM’s.

Do our readers think We will see glimpses of Windows Mobile 7 in a Zune Touch anytime soon?  Let us know in the comments.

Via Hexus.net