Zune services to be re-organized?



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WPCentral is reporting on a rumour started by @MSNerd, a regular Microsoft leaker, who tweeted:

@manan @clubdirthill Wee little rumor seeping out now: Zune next to be split into Xbox mobile, Xbox Live & Windows Live Zune on the 24th.

And the Zune backend platform will become a “Nokia services on Azure” offering, with content from Netflix, Last.fm & Hulu among others.

Zune Pass will slowly be merged with Xbox Live Gold, adding more 3rd-party content to the subscription (like ESPN).

@manan @clubdirthill There are many fundamental changes coming there, but no details on that until the Microsoft Next Conference this year.

There has long been rumblings that Zune brand will be subsumed into the Windows Live umbrella. Adding Zune music subscriptions to Xbox Live and adding value with more media may be the master stroke Microsoft needs to take their Zune subscriptions to the next level and is exactly the kind of integration pundits have long been asking for.

Like so many other rumours, we may find out in less than 2 days.

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