Zune phone coming like a steam roller


26, 2010

Author Surur // in News, Rumour


The recent maintenance release of Zune 4.2 software appears to have hidden a decidedly firm clue that a Microsoft-branded Zune phone is coming after all.

The software includes drivers USB drivers for 3 “Zune phone” devices, and the hardware ID, which uniquely identifies the manufacturer, was registered to Microsoft.

This appears to confirm the rumoured Zune phone, likely based on Windows Mobile 7, that is a bit dumber than the regular smartphone, without multi-tasking and running only Silverlight and .net.

Read more at iStartedsomething.com here.

Do we have place in your lives for another limited phone that is only a great media player?  Let us know below.

Via Engadget, thanks Rakesh for the tip.

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