Zune Pass to reduce number of supported client devices from 6 to 4: Update – Europe only


7, 2011

Author Surur // in News


MyMicrosoftLife reports that Microsoft is informing Zune Pass subscribers that the number of supported devices linked to the service is being reduced from 6 devices (3 computers and 3 phones) to only 4 devices (one PC and any combination of 3 other phones and PCs).

The change will take effect next week on the 13th September 2011.

I suspect this change will only affect a small minority, but may be a precursor to other upcoming changes in the service.

Will you be affected by the change? Let us know below.

Update: eConnect via  LiveSide has been able to confirm that the changes are for European Zune Pass subscribers only, and will not affect the US quota (yet).  Lucky us…

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